Plank Exercise

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The plank exercise is a great way to strengthen the muscles in the core. Practice the plank exercise with tips from a certified trainer in this free video on fitness.

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Video Transcript

Core exercises, very popular. This is a core exercise, you can do any place you've got a floor. So, what Amy's going to show you is a plank. She's going to go down on her elbows and her hands, and she's got her toes down. She's going to breathe up, and lift her body up, bridging up, and holding this. She's going to make sure to keep breathing, not hold her breath. When she does this, she's going to be working in her abdominals, and actually up around the shoulder girdle. So, this is a deceptively, good, exercise. This is called the plank. Now, to make it even more fun, we're going to take her into a side plank. So, she's going to go onto her side. She's going to put her weight on her elbow, she going to straighten her legs up, and now she's going to lift her torso up off the ground. Now, you've got two choices here, you can either hold it here, or you can start to pulse up and down. Slowly and gently. If you want a real challenge, don't let your body touch the ground. Keep your butt off the ground at all times, and try doing this thirty times. And switch to the other side, and do thirty times. This is a side plank, it's great for your side and your overall core stability.


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