How to Refinish Hardwood Floors


Refinishing hardwood floors requires applying a floor cleaner polisher combination to remove dirt and polish the floor. For hardwood floors on which the polyurethane finish has broken down, purchase a refinishing kit with a stripper and a finish renewer. Avoid having to sand hardwood floors, by using the proper cleaning products with help from a remodeling contractor and home repair specialist in this free video on home improvements.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Tim Gipson, I'm going to talk to you about refinishing hardwood floors. Now the secret to refinishing hardwood floors is really to do as little as possible to the flooring surface and then become more progressive in your steps to achieve the kind of finish that you're looking. With just using a simple cleaner polisher as your most basic level and then actually sanding, completely sanding and refinishing the floor as being your most aggressive. And when refinishing floors if you really do it the right way, you should be able to do it in most circumstances without having to do any sanding whatsoever. And we want to try to avoid sanding as much as possible because anytime we start getting down into the interior of a floor, then that can hurt the long term viability of any kind of flooring. So we start with the most basic and that is a simple floor cleaner polisher and if this is something that you'll do periodically put this on, it'll be a good preventative measure. It will keep your finish healthy and strong and durable and keep it from breaking down where you have to refinish it. And you simply put this on by either spraying it directly on the floor or use a terry cloth applicator such as this, you can spray it directly on the applicator and then with a little bit of elbow grease we just want to work this in and it will clean, remove any soil and dirt from the top layer of that floor and then it also works to polish and refinish. Now if the finish is actually broken down in the floor, which this is a fairly new floor here, but if we have an older floor or an older house we've gone into and the finish is actually breaking down where you can see where the urethane or the polyurethane finish has broken down and you've gotten into some of the stained areas of the wood, then what we'd want to do is we'd want to get a refinishing kit. The refinishing kit will have a stripper in it, it'll have a finish renewer and then it will have a polyurethane finish to come back on top. But just remember when you're refinishing the woods, you want to do it with a solution based refinishing system and avoid sanding at all possible. But in most cases if you use, with most hardwood floors, if you use a cleaner re-polisher, there are some after market restoring things that you can get at home improvement stores or hardware stores that work very well. You really don't have to do a lot to refinish your top of your floor. But if you have to, go with the refinishing kits, just remove that top surface and refresh it and you'll be in good shape.


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