Stability Ball Exercises: Prone Glute Lift


Start shaping your butt muscles by lying on an exercise ball and raising one leg. Learn more about doing the glute lift in this free exercise video from a personal trainer at Gold's Gym.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm going to show you how to do a prone glut lift using the stability ball. Stability balls go 55, 65, and 75 centimeters so if you are 5'4" and under you are going to use a 55 centimeter ball, between 5'4" and 5'6" possibly up to 5'7" you are going to use 65 and anything over 5'7" you are going to use a 75 centimeter ball. We are just going to lay our stomach on the ball, hands out in front of you, stomach is stabilizing, chest is off. We are going to take one foot and keep it off the floor. The opposite floor is going to lift, squeeze the glut and engage the hips to stay on the ball and I want you to really focus on keeping the hips glued. Try not to let the hip pop up off the ball and your body rotate, keep everything nice and flat, exhale and inhale. You are going to feel the work in your gluts all the way up to the upper portion of your back. So nice slow contraction, exhale up and inhale down, lengthen your neck, try not to let your neck drop, keep the neck long, keep the body nice and strong and just lift up and down. If you feel like you are able to take your hands off the floor it is going to require a little bit more stabilization, hands go on to the ball and body lifts up and down. This is going to force the contraction to your stomach a little bit more so you are going to be shifting your body weight back and forth a little bit more, as stabilized as you can, keep your elbows right, lift up and down. Again you are exhaling as you lift and inhale as you lower. Lots of work in the erector spinaes, the muscles that line your spine, and in your glut area so this is how we execute the glut extension prone on your stability ball.


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