Dumbbell Exercises: Rear Deltoid Fly

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A rear deltoid fly with dumbbells will exercise the back side of the shoulder muscles. Learn more about rear deltoid fly dumbbell exercises with tips from a fitness trainer in this free exercise video.

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Video Transcript

With a rear delt fly we are working the posterior part of the shoulder. So you are going to want to start in a stance where you got yourself supported. The goal with this is not to let gravity pull you forward but to maintain about a thirty degree hinge in the hip. Elbows are going to bend to the sides and you are going to resist back, bringing the elbow in line with the wrists and the shoulders. Contract and release, start out working unilateral so you can control and get the movement down one arm at a time. You also might find that you have one side that's weaker than the other by doing unilateral work. And without again letting gravity take control and you are maintaining that neutral spine, head aligned with the spine. Contract and release down, keeping a slight bend in the elbows on the return. Exhale on your contraction right there and release down. And contract and release. Working ten to fifteen reps one to three sets.


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