Dumbbell Exercises: Deltoid Front Raise


For the deltoid front raise with dumbbells, be sure to square the shoulders and support the core muscles. Learn more about deltoid front raise dumbbell exercises with tips from a fitness trainer in this free exercise video.

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Video Transcript

Front raise for the deltoid C meaty part in the front of the shoulder. And I like to work unilateral before I do bilateral both weights at once. So standing with your feet hip width apart slight bend in the knees. Definitely square off your shoulders. You've got your core supported. Slight contraction in the abs. We lift to the point with the soft elbow where we have a nice line with the wrist, elbow and shoulder and then release slowly back down. Other side contract. Again you want to hold at that peak contraction so you're focusing right through here in the front part of the shoulder. This is just one section of the shoulder to hit. But definitely just as important as the top and medial portion of the shoulder. Try not to let yourself twist. You want to maintain neutral posture. Hips square to the front. Contract and release and contract and release. And basically bilateral means putting them both together and of course always keeping a slight bend in the elbow joint. Working 10 to 15 reps. 1 to 3 sets.


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