Dead Lifts With Dumbbells


Dead lifts with free weights workout the hamstrings. See how to do dead lifts with free weights in this free dumbbell exercise video.

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Video Transcript

Dead lifts target the hamstrings which insert into the low back, not an exercise for everybody and in fact make sure you get form down before you add any resistance into the movement. We are going to square our feet right with the hips, some people need a wider stance, some people like a closer stance but as long as those joints line up then the muscle is going to be able to fire towards the belly which is the goal to light up that hamstring as much as possible when we hit peak contraction, bend in the knees just like you would at work or children or anything you are going to pick up, push back your weight and heels and bring in your weight so you can get into starting position. I'm going to have a slight bend in knee joint on the way down and on the way up, pushing the hips back, inhale, leaving a nice cervical posture. We don't want the weights to go any lower than just below the knee. There is no sense in coming down here. You can see then I start rounding my posture, I lose neutral posture, one of the biggest mistakes with dead lifts is losing neutral posture. That is why it is not an exercise for everybody. If you can't maintain neutral posture then the exercise is not for you especially with weight. There is a lot going on there. Inhale and exhale up. We feel a squeeze right here where the hamstring and the glut meet, 10 to 15 reps, 3 sets.


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