Putting together Concrete Garden Spheres


Using Thin Set to put together concrete garden spheres requires mixing water with the mortar until it has a buttery consistency. Learn how to put together concrete garden spheres in this free landscaping video.

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Video Transcript

Now what I did to put our spheres together, I'm going to show you how to mix the mortar to put these spheres together and finish them. We're going to start with the material. What I have here is a small mixing bowl and a spatula, a piece of foam that way I can clean up any excess; water. And what I like to use, this is a bag of thin set, it's used for tiles. I like it better than mortar, because it has more plastic material in it that makes it sticky and stronger than normal mortar. So we'll be using the thin set. I'm going to take some of the thin set and put it here. Now we're going to start adding water to it. It's the same like the concrete we saw mixing. Put some water, mix it, and if it needs more you will keep adding. Here I'm mixing around a cup, cup and a half. You don't need too much of it, it's only enough to mortar these two pieces together. And here it is, it's done, it's nice and buttery. Okay, we're ready to put our spheres together. So we'll start with this one here. I'm going to keep this piece of copper tubing in it, because I'm going to use this for a fountain. So go ahead put some of this on the edge, like this, and start spreading it around. Don't make it too, too, thick, because you'll end up with a grout line that is quite visible. We'll go ahead; that looks perfect to me. Be sure it's all the way around, all the way to the edge. You don't have to put to much in the center because I want it to be nice and tight on the edges. Add a little bit more here. The other half, plop it on top of it, okay. It's going nowhere. And go ahead and match all the seams, shake it a little bit. Take your sponge and wipe any excess. Boy, talk about easy. Okay, we're done with this one. We'll go ahead and put the 12 inch one. What's nice now, as you see the 12 inch, it's hollow; it's going to be less than the 10 inch. So, you go ahead add some on the edge. And you see the 12 inch you don't have to do much if you want to create a fountain, all what you do, you can drill it after you put it together whatever you want, because you'll be drilling almost like an inch. So keep buttering the edges. Now if the weather was hot, I would have use some water to wet the pre-cast part, because I don't want it to be soaking all the water out of the thin set or the mortar and make it to dry, it will dehydrate fast. So the weather is nice, I don't have a problem with the temperature, dehydrating the water out of the thin set. Well I could put this one on top of it, or I also I could put slightly more on this one. I'm going to just butter it slightly, not too much, just to add strength to it. Okay, we're ready. Okay, drop it. I'm going to go ahead, fill up the joint. And it's like grout, you know, you go ahead you grout the joints between the tiles, you can grout the joints between the ball, simple. Now you have it. You have the 12 inch sphere and the 10 inch sphere. You could use these around the yard anywhere you choose. You can make a finial of these, or you can make a bubbling fountain.


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