Where Do Hummingbirds Sleep?


Hummingbirds sleep where they can perch on a tree branch at nighttime, which is when they enter a torpor state of temporary hibernation. Discover how hummingbirds sleep with information from a national wildlife steward in this free video on bird life.

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Video Transcript

Hello my name is Barbara Dewitt. I'm a National Wildlife Federation Stewart with The Broward County Audubon Society. Hummingbirds are cold blooded so they sleep at night when the temperatures drop. They need that warm weather to get their blood rushing and their wings beating. And the flowers, many of the flowers too are opened in the daytime so that's when they would be feeding on them versus moths who many feed at night. But the hummingbirds when the sun drops, they find a tree or on a branch and they hang onto the branch and they go into what's called a torpor where their temperature drops and they conserve their energy just before the temperatures drop and the sun goes down the hummingbirds feed, do like a feeding frenzy to store up enough nutrition in themselves to make it through the night and the cold temperatures and sometimes you'll find hummingbirds on a branch that are upside down and they're hanging on but they've loosened their grip a little bit and they're still in their torpor but they're waiting for the temperatures to rise in the morning so they can get their blood rushing and their wings beating and for the flowers to open and the sun to come out to warm them up so they can start feeding again. They have two feeding, two major feeding times. One is in the morning and they'll be resting some of the daytime and then in the afternoon when the temperatures level off and they'll feed again, do another round of feeding before perching and sleeping. Occasionally people find hummingbirds hanging from a tree still gripping a branch and they'll think that they're dead and sometimes they'll bring them in thinking it's too cold or they wonder if they might revive or something and they're just in their torpor and in the morning when the weather gets warmer, they'll start flapping their wings and sure enough they'll fly off to feed again.


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