How to Create a Fashion Portfolio


Putting together a fashion portfolio as a stylist can be done by using vintage or thrift store-pieces to get the general look that is desired for each outfit, as designer outfits require a great investment. Create a fashion portfolio to show clients and investors with advice from a fashion designer, stylist and model in this free video on fashion jobs.

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Video Transcript

How do you start a fashion portfolio? If anyone's interested in starting a fashion portfolio and, as a stylist or in the fashion industry, you have to start thinking of where, what direction that you'd want to go to, where do you want to end up, and what actually is your style, and define that. Collaborate with a few people, and as far as photographer's, make up artists, models, and hairstylists, and come up with ideas, and people who are going for the style that you have as well, and working with people that could actually produce what you're trying to interpret. If you don't have a fashion portfolio, things that you could start off with is, it is actually an investment. You know, it's going to, if you don't have that resources as far as purchasing these pieces, it's going to thrift shops, vintage stores, and it's more on getting the look that you want, rather than the designer that you want. And it's, what makes a good stylist is they're able to produce things out of nothing. You know, you don't see things as what it is, but what it could be, and from that point-of-view that you become very creative, and you're able to work with different jobs and different people, and you're more seen as an asset and a tool because you are able to do this. So when collecting ideas, collecting the looks, you know, you work with different photographers and different people to generate a book. It's always important to work with different people because you want your clients to know that you're able to work with different clientele, that you're not just stuck to this certain look and this certain group of people, and that's it, and you're not able to work with anybody else. So, you know, when starting your book, or starting your portfolio, you're going to want, you know, you may have a set decision on what you want your style to be like, but it could end up anywhere else, or in between. Play around and see what you like, and once you have a strong book, maybe that's when you can go to an agency and where you could start getting work as a, work in stylist, and just more concentrate on doing your job. And that's a little information about just how to start a portfolio.


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