How to Design a Dress

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Designing a dress is a process beginning with choosing a mood, then a silhouette, fabric and texture, all of which come together to create the final piece. Discover the creative process behind designing dresses with advice from a successful fashion designer in this free video on fashion jobs.

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Video Transcript

When I begin to design a dress I usually have a particular feeling that I want to express so I have something in mind, I think about the lighting and place that I am going to be in. I usually think about the drapes. For me it really comes from the mood because from the mood I'll know the silhouette and then from the silhouette I choose the fabric. Once you have chosen those things and you kind of have the mindset of what you want to express and even if I am standing in someone else's shoes as I am designing it kind of picturing them on their special day or on their special evening or at their company Christmas party I think about what they would want projected and when it is for an individual themselves I think about what their best attributes are. So once you have kind of the mood and the silhouette and the fabric the minor details all come in. They just come to you. It is things that make sense. Once the outline is figured out everything falls into place. Designing a dress for me sounds silly usually is kind of a blink that happens in my mind and it is something that I need to hurry up and write down because like I said it is mostly the silhouette and the feeling and the mood and then when I start to put it on the dress form that is when all of the other pieces kind of all into place whether I decide to do a certain embellishment or you know a certain treatment on it. I also always think about the shoes and the earrings and picture the person that is in it and all those details come together once it is actually being made. The design itself is usually a blink and so you want to catch it when it comes.


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