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Milton Bradley's Trouble board game has a pop-o-matic in the center that rolls the dice with each pop, and players must continue taking turns until a six is rolled. Get all playing pieces around the board once to win the game of Trouble with information from a game store employee in this free video on board games.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Windy St. George and this is how to play Pop-O-Matic Trouble. Pop-O-Matic Trouble is unique because it has a pop-o-matic popper for rolling your dice so the dice never get separated from the board. Or in this case, just one die. The die is rolled by pushing down and then it pops up and it rolls the die for you. To begin Trouble, everyone pops the popper until and they get a number, whoever gets the highest numbers gets to go first. The person who gets to go first then has to pop it again and they can't go until they get a 6. So if the first person didn't get a 6, play continues around the board clockwise. Each person popping until finally they get a 6. The person with a 6 can then move one of their pieces from the home position which is where everyone starts onto the start bubble which is labeled underneath. Anytime you roll a 6, you get to roll twice. So you get to take your turn and then pop again and take another turn and that includes the first turn. So since this is a 6, you get to go again and pop it and that would be 2, 1, 2 and then play would turn around the board clockwise. To get more of your men out of your home position, you must roll a 6. So usually you want to wait until you get a 6 and then use that 6 to start one of your men. And then have a second turn because you get a second turn after a 6 to move either of the men. You can move either one of them or split the die move up if you rolled a 5 you can roll one of them, move one man 2 spaces and one man 3 spaces. If you happen to be going around the board and you count your spaces, let's say that I had 4, 1, 2, 3, 4 and you hit one of the men of somebody else's, that man has to go back home causing them Trouble. The goal is to all the way around the board once. Once you've come back to the spot before start, then you start putting your men into home position. They're only allowed to go up if you roll the exact number to put them into one of the empty spaces. So I rolled a 4, I can put him into position 4. Had another person, I couldn't put him into a 4, I would have to wait another turn, try to pop again and get a 3, a 2 or a 1. You can also move one of your men who are in a position up so let's say I rolled a 2, I have a man in a position I can just move him up 2 or I can try to move another man up into the home position. The first person to get all 4 pieces into the home position wins. And that's how you play Pop-O-Matic Trouble.


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