Christmas Gifts That Kids Can Make for Grandparents

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Grandparents always love Christmas gifts made by the kids, and these gifts can include hand prints and footprints made into reindeer or cookies in a jar complete with the printed recipe. Let children create homemade gifts for their grandparents with helpful tips from a professional caterer and event coordinator in this free video on Christmas decorations.

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Video Transcript

Today I'm going to talk about Christmas gifts for grandparents that kids can make. You always want to make something nice and simple for the kids and the great things about gifts for grandparents is they don't care what they get as long as the child made it for them. It makes it extra special. For a lot of the really young kids, something simple that you can do and I'm sure you've seen something similar is you can do hand prints and footprints and you can turn them into reindeer's. It's really simple. You'll just take the child's hand or foot, put it in some paint, put it on the paper and just use a Sharpie or you see some googley eyes here to accentuate the fact that it looks like a reindeer. And this one you can see, they've written what it is and the child's name and the date so the grandparent can remember the age of the their grandchild was at when it was created for them. Another fun thing to do, especially for children that like to bake is you can do cookies in a jar or you can do muffins or biscuits or whatever the grandparent might like to make. And for this, what you do is you get all the ingredients together and you'll measure them out. You let older kids do the measuring themselves and you're going to layer it in the jar to make it look nice. You see here, I've started with some flour and then I've done some chocolate chips next. Just put it in a nice jar. You can add a little ribbon and you'll want to print up the directions for that recipe and put it on the outside. You'll want to make sure that inside the jar, you include all of the dry ingr, ingredients. Everything except for eggs, milk, whatever wet ingredients that they might need that they can add themselves later. Another great gift for a grandparent would be pins or different accessories. You can take some of those simple crafts that you can make for Christmas, and just take it and add a little pin on the back that way grandma can wear it and somebody can say "oh, where did you get that?" "Well, little Susy made it for me." You can also take the same crafts and you can turn, add little earrings to turn it into earrings or you can even turn it into a barrette, whatever you think grandma would like. So those are some easy Christmas gifts that you can make, that children can make for their grandparents. Thanks, and have fun!


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