Troubleshooting a Fuel Pump

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Fuel pumps are responsible for delivering gasoline from fuel tanks to engines, and fuel pumps that are going bad will typically become noisier. Listen for a hum coming from behind the seat when a fuel pump is going bad with help from an auto mechanic in this free video on car repairs.

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Video Transcript

Troubleshooting a fuel pump. A fuel pump is responsible for delivering gasoline from your fuel tank to your engine and if it no longer works or works intermittently, it will cause driveability issues, no start issues, or may leave you stranded somewhere. Typically, you have three styles of fuel pump. You have a mechanical fuel pump which is driven off of the engine itself. You have a in line fuel pump which resides somewhere between the fuel tank and the engine, and you have and in tank fuel pump which sits in the fuel tank and draws fuel directly from the fuel tank. Typically, when a fuel pump is going bad, it will get noisier. You might notice that you're hearing a hum coming from behind the seat. Or in a case where a fuel pump has failed completely, you might not hear anything. The best way to check to see if your fuel pump is running is to remove the fuel filler cap and have somebody else turn the key to on but not start the vehicle, while you listen listen where the fuel filler is located. You should hear a humming sound for a second or two as the fuel pump cycles. If you do not, then the fuel pump itself could be bad. You could also have a blown fuse or a bad fuel pump relay, depending on the particular vehicle, the fuse box could be located under the hood or in the passenger compartment and the relay could be located in a similar location. And it's always best to check fuses and relays first because they are much easier and less expensive to replace.


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