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Making a nurse or surgeon costume can be done using solid-colored fabrics, simple shapes and few accessories. Create an outfit that looks like a nurse or surgeon from any decade with information from a drama production designer in this free video on costumes.

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Video Transcript

Now if you want to do doctors and nurses we have several different styles and there are different options for you. This one was actually cut down and shortened, that became a sexy nurse for some show. And I can't remember what exactly what it was. But that's one version how to do this. This one is actually a nineteen twenties nurse, it's real. So basically it's unstructured with a belt to this, belt would have been more to the hips that kind of thing with the hat and everything. But that is a real twenties nurse. And then somewhere in this menagerie, there are, here they are. Nineteen forties nurses. And that's a real one as well. This is typically what people were thinking about when they are thinking about costumes like Halloween. Today the nurses don't wear dresses, they wear pants and tops. And we have those too. But this is kind of classic, that's what you think of. Now these are ideas for modern nurses. You see that there's a lot more color today. And stuff like this would be used in like a children's ward because it has animals on it, it's very friendly. You are also going to see things in like solid colors like the pinks and things like that. You'll see pink and green and blue and so forth along with the whites. But this tends to make things more friendly especially in child for kids, makes them a little more at ease. Now down in this aisle is where all, the rest of the medial stuff is. You have lab coats. So you are going to see something like that. And obviously we have these for men and women. Usually you are going to see them in white. Sometimes you'll see a colored lab coat. And we have a few in blue. Like that. And typically for a doctor they put the lab coat over like a suit or a dress or whatever they happen to be wearing. You have a surgical scrub. These gowns are blue. They come in blue and green. And really the difference between a contemporary doctor and a period doctor is that a contemporary doctor wears a lab coat where a period doctor wore a tunic. Scientist wore lab coats doctors wore tunics. And we also have the doctors tunics. Now this type of tunic is what doctor Ben Casey wore on the TV show back when you see Richard Chamberlain. This is also what Lou Erics wore in the nineteen thirties. This is a type of thing that was worn by doctors for a very, very long time. And it has a side button, a lot of times you'll see this now on like Dentist, or you'll see it on a barber or something like that. But this is a style that has now been discontinued they don't make this anymore just within the last year or so.


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