Easy-to-Make Greek Goddess Costumes

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Greek goddess costumes are easy to make when pairing flowing dress with belts, robes, beads and chains. Use lots of color when putting together a Greek goddess outfit with information from a drama production designer in this free video on costumes.

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Video Transcript

Now if you are doing the Greeks remember that you can mix Greek and Roman it is all sort of the same thing because everything Roman is essentially Greek. We have a lot of great stuff because we have done Forum we have done Greek parties we have done Jesus' Kid Brother, all kids of crazy things so we have a lot of really cool pieces from there from Caesar and Cleopatra different things. So you might find something as simple as a little kitten like this little dress here, which is very simple and very pretty and that is from Jesus' Kid Brother I think that was her wedding dress, to a little more elaborate with color, you know something like this, then you would belt this this is from Forum. This is one of the girls in Forum. One of the other pieces that I always think is so pretty is this Disney theme over-piece. Really appreciate this, and I usually put this over a little little gown of some kind. Very see-through very pretty very floaty. Lots of detail and this is a high end kind of queen veil I think this actually came from downtown we got this in a donation, from someone and it is a beautiful beautiful stellar piece. So you do something like this you belt your your dress which is called a kiten, and you can do like a chain belt with that or a little rope belt or something a little blauson to it, and then you would wear maybe a piece so I guess over this and then a little diadem, and that is a little diadem, and you wear that in your hair. So that gives you kind of this little crown effect, and that would have been very typical. Then you can do for like very solid kind of things, to very sheers to very colorful stuff, and I think that is the thing everyone thinks everything is white and you can actually use a lot of color. This little two piece you can see there is hanging beads all over different things, there is a texture to the fabric which is quite wonderful. Again you would belt this to give it a waist which would be very cute, it is sort of split down low and then up high which is nice. The other thing, something very traditional is something like this is for Bola. And then again you would belt this so it actually kind of clung to the body, and you can see the Greek key trim around everything which is very classical. And there was a lot of this type of thing other embroideries and stuff that made these very interesting pieces. And again the color the red you are going to see lots of things like there is blues there is greens there is pinks there is and you can see all the different colors in here. So you do not just have to stick to white to do a Roman or a Greek. You can heighten these pieces again by taking something like this putting over the white with a diadem then you have a Greek Goddess. We have also done a short one. There it is. That is a short one, yes. To basically kind of look like Diana. So you have got this little dress here. You know you got little shoulder drape like this. They made this kind of short and cute you know seam it all up and you put a little necklace with it the little diadem that kind of thing tall Roman sandals and you have a cute little you know Diana Goddess of the hunter, Venus or someone fun. So very easy to do. And the counterpart to this if you want to do like a Greek God for a guy you can come over here and you can go in the Greek section or Roman section again. You can do something like a tunic and this is a very basic tunic and you belt this again, you give it a shape with a nice thick big belt of some kind, or a gold belt, you know we got coins all kinds of belts here maybe something like that you know you put that around there, and that is kind of fun you can put a laurel wreath with this and again sandals you can also do something where you drape a toga. Could use a tunic and then you drape your togas. I will show you some togas. This is one of my emperor togas. You can see the Imperial Eagle, on that. And this is actually a sorry that we have converted into this beautiful toga adding all kinds of extra details to fabrics. The eagle is lame it was laid down and then basically applicated onto this and there is the Roman laurel. We created the fibulas with beads and and pearls and leather and all kinds of great stuff. You get to see the full scope of this. All the trim and all the texture. And we have this in red we have in a couple of colors that we have done. But that kind of gives you a Caesar or a God, the other thing you can do too is you can take one of the little like little wrap skirt things like this and do these as well. And that makes a real fun little Roman or little God kind of guy to look like Mercury or something. We also have the little Roman skirts and things you can do that, again become the little Greek God or something kind of fun and sexy.


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