Will Caffeine Cause Your Blood Sugar to Go High?

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Some research shows that caffeine triggers the body's natural defenses to release insulin. Learn about how to balance out the body with a healthy diet with help from a certified health counselor in this free video on healthy eating.

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Video Transcript

Okay, well, caffeine and blood sugar raising is very confusing. There is many different issues that involve that, some are negative, some are positive. The thing about caffeine is that, some of the research shows that it triggers some of your body's natural defenses to release insulin into your system as well as adrenalin. So, insulin, I had talked about previously is that, it's your body's response to a food and how to put it through into your body. So, if you're telling your system, it releases adrenaline as well, and if you're telling your system to release that adrenaline into your body, but you're not actually in fight or flight, if you're sitting at your desk, so you're not actually using the adrenaline, it continues to go through your system. So, about let's say, you drink a cup of coffee, and you feel that immediate shock within like let's say, 5 to 10 minutes, so it hits your body quick, and nobody really drinks black coffee, let's say. Generally, you're going to put sugar in it, you're going to put cream in it, so there's different things going through your system, so but you've got this adrenaline rush, right? And you're body's trying to figure out, okay, first, what do I do with the sugar, then what do I do with the milk, now, what do I do with all these caffeine 'cos it's telling me I gotta run but I'm sitting at my desk, so your brain starts to go, your body's not doin' anything but your brain's goin', and it gets confused and it's a little less focused because it's trying to handle all these things at one time. The thing is that you also aren't sure about the age and which caffeine affects you. They say that, when you're younger you're already naturally in fight or flight all the time. As you get older, when you hit about 65, they've done studies that women who drink coffee from 65 and 70, as they get older, it's better for focus for them. So, your body chemistry has changed, so really depends on what you're doing. The other thing is that, a certain amount of caffeine is not bad for your body. Life is about balance, so as long as you're also eating whole foods, and whole complex carbohydrates, they continually help your body process things on an even keel. A cup of coffee a day isn't going to harm you, but if all you have is white sugars, white flours, and you're adding caffeine to that, your body is jittery all the time, and it doesn't actually process and release the amount of sugar and caffeine that it needs to on a daily basis, so you become toxic, and what happens is it causes you to crave more. So, a little bit is okay.


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