How to Reduce Blood Sugar

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The best way to reduce blood sugar is by eating whole grain foods and natural sugars that will allow the body to produce blood sugar regularly. Hydrate and nourish the body with protein with help from a certified health counselor in this free video on healthy eating.

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Video Transcript

Okay, well, the importance about reducing blood sugar is to first understand what blood sugar is or why we have high blood sugars or low blood sugars. What happens to your body is that there's something called insulin, that your pancreas releases and that is what your body uses for energy. So, if you use something called a simple carbohydrate, what happens is it gets released into your blood system very quickly and your body sees it an emergency, and so it has to figure out what to do, what to do, what to do, what to do, what to do. If you continue to eat that simple carbohydrate, your body actually gets hooked on a fight or flight symptom. Something called a simple carbohydrate like whole grain is the released slowly into your system in a consistent manner, so when it's released through your blood stream, your body actually knows what to do with it in a calm manner. So it says, okay, I'm going to send this to the liver, I'm going to send this to the brain, I'm going to send this to the heart, so your body can actually relax while it's digesting, so sometimes you'll notice if you have a very high carbohydrate like white flour carbohydrate lunch, about 2 hours after you eat, you start to get that kind of sinking feeling, that's because it has just hit your blood stream and your blood stream realizes, holy guacamole, there's way too much stuff goin' on in here. So, it's sendin' out all these messages to tweak. Well, normally our habits tell us when you get low, you need a quick fix, which you use sugar or caffeine. When you constantly do that to your body, it over processes and it doesn't know how to do like when you normally have something like, an apple, or a piece of whole wheat bread, or peanut butter which goes into your system over long period of time. So, the best way to continually keep producing your blood sugar is to eat whole grain foods, natural sugars like fruits, carrots, those type of things, or a whole grain. Protein is great because it goes into your system much slower, so if you're feeling that tired feeling, have some protein like a peanut butter and then have a glass of water, so that you're hydrating and nourishing your body, so that you continue to raise your blood sugar on a safe and even manner.


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