What Kinds of Animals Live in the Rain Forest?

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There are two types of rain forests, including temperate rain forests and tropical rain forests, but both possess an abundance of different animal species. Discover the variety of rain forest animals, from giraffes to poison dart frogs, with help from a science teacher and field biologist in this free video on rain forests.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Brian with EricksonTutoring.blogspot.com. Today we're going to discuss what kinds of animals are found in the rainforest. So first of all, it's important to keep in mind that there's two types of rainforests, there's temperate rainforests and there's tropical rainforests. So what makes them a rainforest is the amount of rainfall that they receive. So rainforests only make up about 2% of the earth's surface but it's estimated that roughly 50% of all the planets, plants and animal species live there. So they're definitely hot spots of diversity and really there's just huge abundances of animals that are present there. I'm going to list some examples but there's no way that I can even scratch the surface of all the animals that live in a rainforest. So you have mammals that live and you have things like okapi, which are sort of like giraffes, you have chimpanzees and gorillas and orangutans, lemurs, you have Bengal tigers and jaguars. So you have all those sorts of things, the big animals, the big mammals. You also have things like amphibians so anacondas, pythons, poison dart frogs, golden toads, all sorts of salamanders and things like that. They also live in rainforests. You have really amazing birds, I'm thinking specifically of more tropical rainforests, but you have things like macaws and toucans and Quetzals and birds of paradise and in temperate rainforests you have marble murrelets which nest, they're ocean birds but they nest in old growth forest stands along the California and Oregon coast. So you have all sorts of birds that use rainforests as well. And then let's not forget the most abundant type of organism in rainforests, those are the invertebrates, the arthropods, the insects. You have maybe 250,000 species of beetles in the world, the vast majority of those occur in rainforests. You have some really amazing types of butterflies, you have different leaf cutter ants and army ants, there's just a whole insect world that exists in rainforests that really a lot of people don't understand and can't comprehend. The main point of this is that rainforests contain a vast amount of biodiversity, large numbers of individuals and different types of species can be found there. The major problem is that rainforests are definitely threatened, less than 50% of all the earth's temperate rainforests still exist and tropical rainforests as well are under serious threat largely due to deforestation and the need to produce crops by people. So there's this conflict of humans needing food and money and the rainforest existing there, definitely they have woods and animals that can be sold and so you start to have this major conflict which causes major threats for all of the diversity that exists there. So this has been a brief discussion of some of the many animals that live in rainforests.


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