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Head cheese is not actually cheese, but rather the head of a cow, pig or other animal that is boiled. Find out how to put the meat from head cheese into a mold with help from the manager of a cheese shop in this free video on cheese recipes.

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Video Transcript

How are you doing? Today we are going to talk about head cheese which is kind of weird because head cheese is not really cheese. Doesn't make any sense but there is a recipe for it. Head cheese actually, the head of a cow, pig, or virtually any animal you want and then cooked and boiled and but anyways. First you start off with taking a cow, a pig, a goat or whatever animal you want to do and freshly cut their head off and then from this point you want to shave it, skin it, do all the things, get any kind of fur or anything that could be on there off. Then you would take a big vat with a lot of boiling water up to at least 200 degrees, drop it in. About that time the meat will start pouring off the bones and just tearing apart into a point where in a good hour or so you will want to pull it out and whatever is left on the bone, pull it away. Now from this point on you can pretty much take vegetables, fruits or anything else that comes into your mind and just throw it into there. Now after this you actually take it and you strain it. It is not cooked either it's, yea, umhum. From that point on you strain it, you chop it, you do whatever you can and put it into molds but at this point you would actually take it and you would cool it. You could actually use a refrigerator, you could use a freezer, you could leave it outside if you want to. As long as it cools and it is covered you have got yourself some head cheese after about three hours.


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