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There are a few ways to reboot a Mac computer, including clicking on the apple icon in the upper left-hand corner and choosing the "Shut Down" option. Find out how to reboot a Mac computer manually by holding down the power button for five to seven seconds with help from a digital specialist in this free video on using Mac laptops.

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It's Rokosz your digital lifestyle expert here and we're going to discuss how to reboot your MacIntosh Computer. Well you have got a few options to do this. I am going to walk you through them right now. The first is at the top left hand corner you're going to see an apple, once that comes down you take your drop down measure here to shut down and then your shut down screen comes up here. Are you sure you want to shut down your computer? Yes I do. Well in this case I am going to cancel it because I am gong to show you how to shut it down a couple of different ways. Now if you can't navigate over to there even though the apple is always there in that upper left hand corner all the time another little trick is control eject. Now this works on both laptop and desktop computers alike and you are going to see here hey are you sure you want to shut your computer down now? Maybe. My choices here are to restart it, put it to sleep, cancel out of it or to go ahead and hit enter and shut it down. Again I am going to cancel out of it. Another way to do it is to hold down the power button for about five to seven seconds. Power button is on for almost the last decade on the laptops and the other units have been located here in the upper right hand corner. Ours is right down over here and if we hold it down for five to seven seconds the screen will blink off and it will go through its restart process. Nine out of ten times that should get you to where you are going. There are some more severe ways to do that but warning, anything beyond here is subject to loss of data or damaging of the machine. If these procedures that I mentioned to you do not work properly well a little bit more drastic measure is to take away all power sources to the unit. It is drastic. If it is a desktop that means unplugging it and leaving it unplugged for a little bit, no electricity, no computer and hopefully when you plug it back in it will kick it to restart to where it needs to be. Again there is a significant chance that you lose data or exacerbate whatever the problem is with a computer so use that as a method of last resort. It should want to be able to shut down safely and properly. Now with the laptop if you are doing something that drastic that is an extra step because it means removing the battery in the back of it and again when you just yank power from computers not always the best thing but if it is your only option it may be something that you might consider. So to recap you've got your apple you can go down to shut down mode to reboot it, you have your ability to go and hit control, eject to bring up your reboot screen, you can hold down your power button from five to seven seconds and watch it reboot and then if it is drastic you can remove all power but a severe warning on that. I'm Rokosz your digital lifestyle expert saying reboot to happiness.


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