Remedies for Cysts

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Cysts can be remedied using Chinese herb formulas, such as Resolve Al, Resolve Upper, Jai Shu Jui Huang and the Great Wind Screen. Find herbs that dissolve certain types of cysts in the body with information from a licensed acupuncture physician in this free video on herbal remedies.

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Video Transcript

Chinese herbal medicine can be very effective for dissolving cysts. Cysts can be literally anywhere on the body either on the surface on the skin, on the hand, the torso, arms, legs. Or it can be interior. So there's many of course that's, many many herbal formulas. Sometimes the Chinese herbal formulas are directed to go to a certain body part or directed to go to the upper body or the lower body so it's really important as with all herbal formulas to consult with an acupuncture physician or herbalist to get a proper diagnosis, treatment plan and herbal prescription. I do have a few herbal formulas that I want to share with you for different areas of the body that I sometimes prescribe in my acupuncture clinic. The first formula I want to talk about is called Resolve AI and this one is particularly good for a cyst that has inflammation or infection and this would be appropriate for something like a Baker's cyst. So this I would maybe prescribe this. The second one is called Resolve upper and this one is very good for fibrocystic disease in the breast. The next one is called jai shu jui huang and this one is good for cold damp cyst in the liver channel. So it could be like a sebaceous cyst in the glands and half of this formula is made out of seaweed. So it has a very salty flavor to it and in Chinese medicine seaweed and salty things are thought to dissolve and breakdown cysts and masses. The next formula I am going to talk about is called the great wind screen. And this one is for cysts that also have kind of an itchy weepy aspect to them so I would prescribe that in this case. And the last one is called Marguerite, and this one Marguerite in Chinese medicine means pearls. And pearls are also of course salty from the sea and they help to dissolve cystic acne. I'd also like to share with you an herbal formula that you can, actually it's a recipe that you can safely do at home. Ok so this is a safe recipe that you can do at home that will help resolve cysts. Especially if with that you are feeling a little feverish, irritable and have a headache or we all call that in Chinese medicine liver heat. So very simply you take ten clams and they should be in the shell. You put them into four cups of water bring to a boil. And then lower the heat and simmer for thirty minutes. And then you eat the clams and you drink all the broth too. And you repeat that for one week or as long as necessary until your cyst is diminished.


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