Writing Activities for Elementary Students

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Elementary students should participate in a variety of writing activities, such as writing papers and making up stories. Teach students how to spell, write and read with help from a teacher and playwright in this free video on writing activities.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Laura, and today, I'm going to talk with you about writing activities for elementary students. Elementary students, it's very important for them to start writing because they're obviously still in that stage of learning how to spell and learning how to create sentences. So to give them actual assignments in which they write, you know, papers is going to be something that's very valuable for them, especially because we need students to start writing from a very early age to get better and better and better. So make them fun and personal for the student. You know, don't make it a chore. Don't make it, like, "You have to go home and write, you know, 50 words," which is a lot for them, "about your favorite...your favorite, you know, school subject." Make it something, you know, your favorite game or your favorite book or one of your favorite memories. Something that they'll be interested in. This way, you can get to know the student and see what they care about, as well as letting them care about the assignment so that they can get into writing. You can also let them get more creative and make up their own stories if you want to eventually, but be sure to make sure that you add structure to that creative writing as well because they're still learning how to write. I have an example here from a student who wrote about a favorite memory. His essay is not very long -- it's only a page -- but it tells a lot about what he did during a summer, and all the adventures that he had. But it lacks a little bit of structure, so you can even start to implement structure in this kind of an essay. For example, he says, "There was a nice gardener named Tony. But there was another man who chased us, we called him BRUTUS! He yelled to come back but we ran away fast! Sometimes we saw mean dogs, we ran away from them, alright! There was a mean big kid named Toby Wolf." See how his thought process sort of just runs from one thing to the next? So you can sort of try to implement essay writing strategies, even in this early stage of writing development for your kids. So make sure that you keep your eye on their grammar errors and their spelling errors, but also everything that's within it. You know, like how do they tell the story? How does their mind work? And then you can really start to figure out what's going on with the student and how they're progressing. So those are some ideas for implementing writing assignments for elementary kids.


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