How Much Does a Plumber Make?

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The amount of money a plumber makes depends on their location, their experience and whether they are union or non-union. Find out how a plumber can work their way up to earning $30 or $40 an hour with help from a plumber and HVAC tech in this free video on plumbing.

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How much does a plumber make? It differs. Where you live, union, non-union, experience. I mean you can't really tell how much you are going to make unless you know you are comfortable with your job, you know you will be able to do a good job, and you are experienced. You've got to go through an apprenticeship in most states. The state that I live in it requires a four year apprenticeship. Of course, your first year you are not going to make as much money as you might want to make. You know, they might start you out you know ten, eleven, twelve bucks an hour. But then as your years progress, and as your experiences progress, you know of course, depending on your employer they are going to boost you up little by little. You know depending on how much you can actually handle. Are you able to run your own crew? Are you able to own your own truck? I mean you can't really put a pin point on how much money you are going to make unless you are union. Of course, unions if you are good enough to be able to make it through union, through your apprenticeship, then state to states vary of course. But, you go through your journeyman grade, and you are going to make a pretty good money. It's a good paying trade. Like I said how much you actually make is going to depend on your area, and your expertise. First year plumber starting in my area ten to twelve dollars an hour, and of course as your years progress it's going to get higher. You know thirteen or fourteen maybe your second year, fourteen to fifteen possibly your third year, and as a journeyman plumber if you are working a union job in Illinois, you might be ranging thirty to forty dollars an hour. Depending on your expertise or whether you will be able to handle a job and run a crew or not.


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