How Do Clouds Form?

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Clouds are formed by parcels of rising air that cool and create tiny droplets of water. Learn about dew points and how they affect moisture going from a gas to a liquid with help from a meteorologist in this free video on understanding weather.

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Video Transcript

Hello, today we're talking about how clouds form. Now, there's always moisture in the air. We call it humidity a lot of times, but it's water vapor. That's just water in its gassiest state. And it's invisible, but there's water vapor in the air always. Now, here's how a cloud forms. Once you start to have a rising parcel of air, as it rises, it cools. And as it cools, that gets down to the dew point. And once it reaches the dew point, that gassiest state of liquid will immediately change into a liquid state. It will form, it will go from a gas to a liquid. And when that happens, you get tiny, tiny drops of water, and that is what makes up a cloud. So again, the process is as you have rising air, that parcel of air cools. As it cools, it reaches the dew point. And immediately, when it reaches the dew point, the moisture in the air goes from a gas to a liquid or, in other words, goes from water vapor to a liquid to the clouds.


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