Best Products for Colon Cleansing

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The best products for colon cleansing are found in a healthy diet and include lots of fiber, apples, dried plums and peaches. Use chia seed or psyllium to help cleanse the colon with tips from a practicing herbalist in this free video on alternative medicine.

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Hi, I'm Trina Sims of Green Star Herbs, and today I'm going to talk to you about what I consider to be some of the best products for colon cleansing. Now, there certainly are many, many commercial products and elaborate commercial kits available for this purpose, and frankly, I consider almost all of them to be unnecessarily expensive and way overly harsh. If you feel that you need something that powerful, please see to it that you use those products under the care of a qualified health care practitioner. There are, however, many things you can do to naturally promote a clean colon. The best products of all are those found in a good diet. And granny was right: Roughage, or what we now call fiber, is your friend. Perhaps the very, very best choice that you can make is to incorporate apples in your diet in whatever form, whether that's whole, unfiltered apple juice, whole apples, apple cider vinegar -- about a tablespoon in a six or eight ounce glass of water daily. Rinse your teeth afterward if you're going to use vinegar. Or apple pectin can be used as well to help. Additionally, one of the best foods in the world to help clean the colon and keep it healthy are dried plums. And peaches are also considered to be very helpful in this realm. If you feel you still need a little extra help beyond incorporating vegetable fiber and fruits into your diet, then you might, perhaps, consider chia seed and psyllium seed husk. If you're going to use the chia seed for this purpose, soak it or add it to liquid before you take it. I hope you find this information helpful. Thank you.


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