A Day in the Life of a Computer Animator

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A computer animator usually works in a team of illustrators who collaborate to bring the character to life. Understand how the animators work with the director to complete a scene with helpful information from a writer, director and animator in this free video on cartoon animation.

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Video Transcript

Hi, a day in the life of a computer animator. When you get to your your office or your workstation you will obviously be part of a team, in most cases, working on a larger product project, and most of your day is spent staring at a computer screen, bringing some inanimate pixels to life. Your your impetus, your your your drive behind this is is bringing a char a character, bringing a character to life, so you'll be talking to the director a lot; finding out where your scene fits in the larger part of the product project. Your your shot might be two, three, to four seconds long, and you have to know where it fits in the larger larger scale. On the artistic side, you have to bring your mind into the mind of whatever character you're animating, whether it's, you know, a giant; whether it's somebody that's opposite gender of you, or it could be, you know, a small mouse. You have to bring yourself into that that mindset, so your the the technology side of it won't get in the way of, you know, of your thinking. You're you're, you know, working with all the same physical tools you were at anywhere; just, you know, a mouse, and a computers and a keyboard and computer screen. However, whatever software you're using whether it's Softimage, Maya, or or whatever and its partic peculiarities you'll be bringing a a a, taking the character, taking key frames; posing it through whatever actions, and not just actions. You want to get emotions and real heart into the the acting of your character.


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