What Role Do Delegates Play in Presidential Elections?

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The role of delegates in a presidential election is similar to the way the electoral college works, except that delegates choose the candidate for the presidential primary. Learn how each state and political party handles primary election votes and caucuses differently with information from an experienced political blogger in this free video on elections.

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Hi this is Bill Scher from LiberalOasis.com. What role do party delegates play in the presidential primary elections? Somewhat similar to the electoral college there is not a direct election n the presidential primaries for the standard bearer for each political party to run in the general presidential election. What's happening in both presidential primaries and presidential caucuses is people are choosing delegates to that party's convention and those delegates will make the final decision. At the party's convention who officially will be each political party's candidate in the general election. And every state has a different structure how to decide based on the presidential primary vote, or the presidential caucus vote who the, how many delegates each person running will get. Some states have it as a winner take all system where you can win the presidential primary by one vote yet you would get all of that state's allocated delegates. Some states have proportional systems where even those who come in second and third place will still get a proportion of the allocated delegates based on their performance not necessarily state wide but also possibly on a more local level or combination thereof. These things can be determined by state and also determined by the political party, how they want to handle their elections and caucuses. And each state party would have a different system it's not necessarily dictated by a national party so it's a very complicated very hard to follow but it's generally works so far to reflect what it is the members of each political party wants you see, who to see as their state or bearer at a general election.


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