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Presidential elections in the United States actually take place with each state having an individual election, with members of the electoral college casting the actual votes on who will be president. Find out how the electoral college was created to protect small, rural states with information from an experienced political blogger in this free video on elections.

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HI, I'm Bill Scher from liberaloasis.com. About the United States Presidential election, while we do live in a democracy in America, our democratic elections are a little bit more complicated than a simple one person, one vote concept. In fact, what we have are fifty elections, one for each state, and each state elects members to the electoral college, which is a separate body, then meets a couple of months after the Presidential election to formally declare the winner of the election. In most cases the electoral college is a mere formality because every states electors are pledged to vote for the candidate that the people in that state choose, and so it's extremely rare that the electoral college outcome is different from the popular vote outcome, although very famously that was the case in two thousand when George Bush was the victor over Al Gore, even though Al Gore had the most popular votes. Many people find this system to be outdated, but it does have an objective which is to make sure that more large populated states don't have undue dominance over smaller and more rural populated states. In effect, it's affirmative action for small rural states and that's the way the founders designed it, and in the case of two thousand it worked as the founders intended.


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