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The most common signs of ADHD include impulsiveness, hyperactivity, losing things, being easily distracted and getting overly focused on things that are pleasant. Learn about how people with ADHD will have trouble organizing tasks with help from a licensed mental health counselor in this free video on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

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Hi, my name's John Bosworth. I'm a licensed mental health counselor in St. Pete, Florida. I'd like to talk a little bit about signs of attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Many...I joke with a lot of my colleagues and even some of my clients that I think there's times when every male could be diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. And by that, I mean most of us, at some point in our lives, whether we're really excited about something or we're stressed about something, actually list a constellation of the behaviors associated with attention deficit disorder. So some of those signs, really... The main ones that most people think of are, you know, impulsivity. There's a lot of hyperactivity or fleeting from one task to another. There's losing things -- losing homework, losing, you know, reports if you're an adult. And there's also the symptoms of being easily distracted. But on the other side, there's also the symptoms of not being able to kind of attend to the present moment. With a lot of adolescents, I might see that they're really locked onto a video game, and sometimes people can say, "Well, they don't have attention deficit, you know. They can lock onto their video game for five or six hours." But that's actually a symptom of attention deficit, and it's not because they're not able to lock on, but they over-focus and they get over-focused on things that are pleasant or things that they like to the detriment of schoolwork and some of the other things in their life that parents and teachers would like them to do. So there's also a couple other things I'd like to mention with trouble organizing tasks and activities, you know, very impulsive, doesn't wait their turn in line, easily distracted, blurts out answers before questions are actually given. So these are some of the signs of attention deficit or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. My name is John Bosworth.


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