What Is Yogurt?

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Yogurt is made by culturing cream or milk with live enzymes and good bacteria, which results in a deliciously tangy and creamy treat. Eat pure yogurt for better digestive health with information from a catering chef in this free video on health foods.

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Video Transcript

Yogurt is a thick custard pudding like food that is a popular breakfast, lunch, or snack treat. I am Karen Lasher, chef owner of Around the Table in Camas, Washington and I want to tell you a little bit about yogurts. Yogurt is made by culturing cream or milk with some live enzymes, some bacterial cultures and they are added directly to the milk and then let culture ferment in making yogurt. Today most in the United States, most yogurt is made from cow's milk although around the world yogurt is made from goat's milk, from sheep's milk, from cow's milk, buffalo and even camel milk. How do you enjoy and eat this wonderful food is you can buy it flavored, here is a raspberry or plain. The flavored yogurts are usually eaten cold with perhaps fruits, granola at breakfast, they are wonderful to make as a smoothie with some fresh fruit where you made sort of a healthy shake using yogurt. You can also get yogurt that is frozen and eat it much like you would eat ice cream so frozen yogurt is also very popular. You can also just eat it by itself. Now yogurt is used a lot in cooking as well. In the United States we used a lot of yogurt as a substitute for some higher fat items to lower the fat content of baked goods so you can use yogurt as a replacement for sour cream or for milk and a lot of times you'll see yogurt as an ingredient in baked goods. I make an absolutely wonderful yogurt donut that you would just gobble up and they're really wonderful. Now when you are cooking with yogurt what you are going to use is you're going to use a fat free or low fat plain yogurt and that is what you're going to use as your cooking ingredient as opposed to a flavored yogurt. In other cultures particularly Middle Eastern cultures yogurt is a key ingredient in sauces that accompany a lot of meat dishes, vegetable dishes and yogurt is used a lot more frequently in cooking and as a social ingredient. So in purchasing yogurt you want to make sure that you are looking for a yogurt that has actual live bacteria so check your labels good. There is also a date on the label. This is very important and you'll want to know much like milk or any other dairy product make sure that the date has not passed or expired and store your yogurt in the refrigerator at a good 40 degrees and at that point it should last a good ten days depending on the date also, the expiration date but as it gets older those live cultures, those enzymes that are very beneficial to use become much weaker so you really want a good fresh yogurt at its best so there is a lot of different varieties both plain and flavored of yogurts to choose from. If you haven't tried yogurt in your cooking try that today, get some plain yogurt or just get a great flavored yogurt and enjoy.


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