How to Find a Friend's E-Mail Address for Free

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Find a friend's e-mail address for free by opening a search engine Web page on the Internet, finding an e-mail search service that doesn't charge and entering the friend's information. Learn how difficult it may be to find personal information about people on the Internet with insight from an computer IT specialist in this free video on Internet searches.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Izabella and now I am going to show you how to find a friend's e-mail address for free. If you have lost a friend and you would like to find his e-mail address for example there are many ways with help that you can find it. Now I am going to show you some. As a first step let's open a web browser and let's visit a website, a useful website called On this website you can find many useful tips and advices how to find e-mail addresses of people for free and against paying For freeing we can try to search with the help of search engines, let's try now two ways with google and with yahoo. If we go to we write in the parameters what we are looking for, let's an example John Wood Alaska and write in e-mail and click on search. Here you can see a list of results that google has found and as you can see we have also found an e-mail address of John Wood, maybe it is the one we are looking for. Let's try yahoo and in the same way we write in John Wood, Alaska, e-mail and search and here we will also have a list of results that yahoo has found. Then now let's search for e-mail o'kay, and here is the same e-mail address that we have found. If we are not satisfied with the results we can try other explore concepts within yahoo and if we click on these concepts we will have another list of results where we can look for the information. In many cases we cannot find personal data like e-mail address on the internet using this easy way just with the search engines and in this case we can go back to that website and search and write in this case John Wood in Alaska and if we click on go we will have results but if we click on these results we can have the information against pay so they are not free information. We click on first view and here you can see the results.


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