What Does a Fashion Model Do?

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A fashion model is someone who a designer uses to sell or showcase products, such as clothing or perfume. Find out how fashion models are used to show different sides of a piece of clothing with help from a working model in this free video on modeling tips.

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Video Transcript

In this clip we are going to talk about what a fashion model does. A fashion model is someone that a designer uses to basically sell and/or showcase whatever product, item, article of clothing, perfume, anything. You pretty much. It is pretty much like you are a walking mannequin almost. The designer says well here sell me this pair of jeans. It is your job to put on that pair of jeans and make an entire world of people say wow I really want those jeans or I really want to buy those sunglasses and it definitely happens to the best of us I mean I definitely feel like everyone flips their magazine and says wow you have to have those and you go to the store and you buy them and if you think about it it is not really the pair of jeans themselves it is the model showing how great those jeans look. As far as you have to be able to show different sides. You go through a magazine, you see a perfume ad and you never thought a person would make you want to buy perfume but sometimes that person, the look on their face, the fact that they look like they're enjoying the smell of the perfume and you want to go out and you say wow you really want to buy that perfume. Being a fashion model is definitely a little different than being a glamor model or you know just you are showing off something, sometimes they are not necessarily looking at your face. They're just looking at that but it is definitely how you portray the item of how you feel comfortable in it. You are definitely getting the job done for the fashion designer, you are pretty much the money maker for whatever that item may be.


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