What Are the Chances of Becoming a Model?

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The chances of becoming a model are not great, but the most important thing that a prospective model can do is to work on their confidence. Discover why it's important to be able to take criticism to be a model with help from a working model in this free video on modeling tips.

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In this clip we'll talk about the chances of becoming a model. Modeling is something that not everyone can do. You have to be super confident in yourself and of course it is not just going to a clothing store and just being any old regular joe and be like well this girl can fold clothes she's hired. It is definitely something that you can spot lack of confidence 100 miles away. As soon as you walk through the door they're like this girl walked in looking super scared, nervous, you walk in there with your head held high. The first impression is everything. You let them know that you feel confident enough to have this job so they should feel confident enough to have you. It is super easy to be by yourself in a room modeling in front of you know, mirrors, taking picture of you, camera, film, like oh this is nice but when you're around people that don't know you, people that are going to be simply judging you. If you are not ready to do that then maybe it is time to start looking for a different career. If you are in it just because you want to be on the cover of a magazine and you are not willing to take the rejection and you are just going to, then it is definitely take to start looking for a career. It is a very lengthy process. You start small and it is not a big chance that you are going to end up big. Not everybody ends up big and if you want to start off big then it is definitely time to start looking for something else but if you have the patience and you are willing to work at it and you are willing to be ready for that long road of getting to the top then it is definitely something that you should pursue and if you feel competent enough and you have the confidence to go in there with your game face and just let them know this is what I am going to do and we're going to do it together then it is something that you are definitely ready for and definitely a good candidate for.


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