Exercises for Lower Abs Without Equipment

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Exercises for the lower abdominal region don't require the use of equipment, and the abs can be worked out at home through basic crunches or simple knee extensions. Find out how to do scissor kicks and flutter kicks to work out the abs with help from a fitness trainer in this free video on exercises and working out.

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Video Transcript

Hi. OK, so this is how to exercise your lower abdominal region without the use of equipment. And it probably sounds a little bit tricky for those of you who are used to going to gyms. I'm going to show you a few things you can do at home, or at the gym, just with out equipment to exercise your lower abs. OK, most of you know about the basic crunch, which involves raising your upper body off of the floor, and crunching. But that works your upper abs, what we're going to do today is raise our lower body off the floor, and that's going to create a targeting of our lower abs. OK, first thing we're going to do is just a simple knee extension, OK, from there. And the lower you take your heels to the floor, the more challenging it is. If you have them up here, that's a little easier. As low as you can with out touching, kind of extends those abs the most, alright. Also, you can do what I like to call scissor kicks, and that's here, again, the lower to the floor that you are, the more challenging it is, alright. We've also go a flutter kick, which is there. Try to get those heels to the floor with out touching, or touching very lightly, and if you want to go control and way difficult, touch lightly, slowly, alright. And last, we've got a pulse up, which is maybe easier than all of those. You literally, palms flat on the floor, pulse up using your abdomen to stretch out towards the ceiling. And if you want to make this really challenging, you can combine all those exercises in a sequence of a circuit. And that's how to do it with no equipment.


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