Exercises to Help Increase Vertical Leap

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In order to increase vertical leap, a person must do exercises that allow them to generate more power from the hips, which will allow them to create more force when pushing against the floor. Do step-ups or a platform circuit to increase vertical leaping abilities with help from a fitness trainer in this free video on exercises and working out.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys. OK, this is a little segment on how to increase your vertical leap through exercise. First of all, as with most fitness, fitness goals, there are many, many different ways to accomplish a higher vertical leap. We're just going to touch on a couple things you can do to that I found really help to add some interest to people's vertical leaps. First of all, it's important to note that jumping is nothing more than generating power from your hips created by force that you generate by pushing against the floor or against the surface you're jumping from. Keeping that in mind, single leg exercises are probably the best way to maximize the power that you can generate on your hips. The reason is because if you're doing a single leg squat as opposed to a two leg squat, you're squatting the same amount of weight, let's say your body weight, on one leg as you are with two, so you're doing twice the work on one leg. Here you go. This is just a step up, and there are lots of ways you can do this, but you want to make sure that you get the balance, first of all. When you come down, you want to come down carefully and intentionally. I always tell my clients make sure everything's intentional. Big step up, and slowly come down, try not to fall, OK, balance. You can alternate, you can also go for an explosive approach, alright. Now, another thing you can do is compound set this with jumping. One thing that I found is there' almost no better way increase the power you can generate in leaping than by actually leaping, OK. So, I've got a little platform circuit here, a little obstacle course. I'm just going to hop from one platform to the next, in succession. A good way to tackle this, we're not going to do it like this today, but if you have a weight vest, you can put on a weight vest, jump it maybe six or seven times, take off your weight vest, repeat it another six times. That is a great, great way to increase your vertical leap. So here you go, jump the first platform, second platform, third platform, and that's how to increase your vertical leap.


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