Shortest Exercise Routine With Maximum Benefits

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Maximum benefits from a short exercise are dependent upon how movements are combined in an exercise, so it's important to do exercises that work out the whole body. Do a sumo dead lift and an oblique rotation with help from a fitness trainer in this free video on exercises and working out.

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Hey, okay, so, right now we're going to talk a little bit about the shortest exercise routine with the maximum benefits. Now again, many many answers to this question; just depends on how you combine your movements in your exercise. But, just to give you a little hint, the best way to get the most out of a least in terms of time is to compound your movements. So you want to do as much as you can full body wise within one exercise. I'm going to give you just a few examples of what that might include. Again, there are many, many ways you can arrange this; not just this but other exercises. You want to include several different body parts; maybe throw in a minute, minute stand on the bike or maybe you want to get on the rower for a minute and a half; row as hard as you can and go right back to it so the training is very very popular way, you hit a lot of things at once. Alright. The first exercise I'm going to show you is called a sumo dead lift with a high pull. Now this is an exercise that incorporates an upright row and a dead lift and you'll also going to get a little bit of squat action here in your hips. Now sumo wrestlers, this is called sumo dead lift is the stances here which is pretty wide; you're just going to come down on the bar here in a dead lift but with a close grip. Okay. When you deal with the dead lift you want to keep that midsection tight; keep that back from hunching, okay. Take that barbell, bring it up there. I'm trying to take it easy on the floor here; but you see what I'm doing there. You see the upright row, you see the dead lift and you see those hips involved in that squat. Alright. Now, next we're going to do a burpee. Burpiee are great, you see this in the military; they do this many times in the military. And this is a great one because it's extremely intense especially when you them in multiple repetition. Now burpee is also known as a burpee push up or burpee jump; you want to stand feet shoulder with apart; you're going to quickly go down into a push up and get quickly back up to your feet. Okay. Here we go; back up to your feet. Alright, quickly. Now what you're doing is you're doing an action on your push, push up; you got to pull plank in there 'cause you don't want to collapse the core and back up to your feet. There, there. Okay. You can include weight with that; you can do a jump at the end to make it really intense; back to burpee. Now last, we're going to do just a lounge but we're going to add an oblique rotation in there with the medicine ball, okay. You guys have probably seen this but I'm going to show it to you anyway. You're just going to lunge forward and over the hip that you're that you're lunging over; you want to add a little twist, okay. Lunge, twist. Lunge, twist. Alright. And you see I'm incorporating legs and abs and also shoulders. Just holding this medicine ball up the entire time is a really, really great deltoid workout. Alright. And that's the idea behind getting the most benefit out of an exercise routine.


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