The Best Exercise Machine for Aerobic Exercise

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There are many different exercise machines for aerobic exercise, and they are all effective as long as the person using them gets their heart rate up for a certain amount of time. Use a spin bike to get the body in a number of different positions with help from a fitness trainer in this free video on exercises and working out.

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This is what is the best aerobic exercise equipment to use for aerobic exercise. Now, this is one of those questions again that's really sort of, "What do you like?" Aerobic exercise can be just about anything, that you can make aerobic in nature, cardiovascular in nature as long as you get your heart rate up for certain amount of time; using major muscle groups; you're covered. So, this is all about preference. Lot of choices; you've a rower, you've got incumbent bikes, you've got spin bikes like I'm on here, ellipticals, treadmill, the old standby; but one of my favorites is the spin bike and the reason it is is because you can get your body in so many positions and get a great resistance workout, in addition to cardiovascular training. I'm going to show you what I mean and if you go to a spin class, you'll see this in even more detail. First of all, you get on this bike; get appropriately positioned. If you spin that bike and you've got to set at a good enough resistance in those really murder spin cycle trainers. That help those class; there's a class that they put you in, they kill you on this and I've let you on a little secret, a lot of times, they're tension is really way low. They've got you turning as up. Anyway you've got that tension going you're sitting on the, the seat. Okay. Dig your heels back to stretch those calves out and also to engage those hamstrings and get them a little more fired up, get off the seat. Digs those heels in, you'll feel those gluts firing. Now we're going to come up over the seat or front of the seat rather and you've got a core workout going here because you're leaning over the handle bars and you've got a little isometric activity going; upper body, shoulder-wise. Now you can put a push up in; you can see, this give you a pretty intense. Alright. Lean over here, burning those quads; you can even put a squat. Alright. Now, I wouldn't say that that's the best machine for aerobic activity, but it's gotta be pretty close.


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