Lower Back Exercises: Lying Leg Raises

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Lying leg raises have a simple motion, but they can be very effective for working out the lower back. Get the most out of lying leg raise exercises with help from a fitness trainer in this free video on exercises and working out.

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Video Transcript

Hi, today I'm going to demonstrate for you how to properly execute a lying leg raise. Now this is one of those exercises that's really simple in terms of the motion; but the trick is getting the most out of it; getting the most bank for your buck. Alright? So you want to start lying flat on the floor. You can put your feet together or apart. I'm going to demonstrate with them together. You're going to raise your heels off the flower and that spot that you're raising to is the spot that you want to go to when you come back down in your downward motion. Okay. So you're going to come up here and slowly got them back down. There's your spot, back up and I like to tell people again in keeping with the notion in getting the most bank for your buck; when you come up, don't just let your legs hang limp and drop them and make that, make that motion count; make every part of the motion count. So when you come up, give that low ab a good squeeze, come back down, extending up, flex with a good squeeze, back down to that spot you does needed earlier. Alright. You can do this with a medicine ball or dumbbell, with no weight at all like you saw it today. But, that is how to perform properly a lying leg raise.


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