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A beginner's weightlifting program should be supported by a physician, and it's important that beginner's know how to avoid injury before starting to lift weights. Learn about proper joint alignment on weightlifting machines with help from a fitness trainer in this free video on exercises and working out.

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This is weight lifting for beginners, that is what is appropriate weight lifting for beginning exercise. First of all as a little disclaimer I should let you know that before you pursue any exercise program particularly as a beginner you should consult with your physician, a physician, medical professional and fitness professional preferably. Secondly just as a couple of points of reference I like to use machines when I am talking about beginning weight lifters because they really help in sort of acclimating you to weight lifting and what it means to the resistance exercise especially extra resistance. The machines really align your body and give you postural support for support so you don't have to worry about those things yourself. There is a lot involved in free space movement with weightlifting and weight bearing activities. So I am going to show you a little exercise on a machine called a chest press machine. Most machines call for you to align your joints properly so make sure you check out the machine. There is usually instructions on the machine for that. For this machine I am just making sure to have my chest here aligned with the handles and I am going to press forward to there. You want to make sure to try to keep the weight stack from touching or touching very hard so that you keep resistance all the way through the motion because that is a cue that keeps you sort of progressing into free weight training where you don't have any assistance to rest the weight. That's a great upper body beginning exercise. This is one that I love to use for beginners to train them to do a squat and this is just called a sit squat and we are just going to use a little platform here and we are going to stand feet hip and shoulder width apart. You are going to sit, squat to a sit. Now for this exercise, depending on this level of exercise or what I would do is on the squat down, you are sitting and stand back up and if I am feeling really naughty that day I will pull the platform back a little bit and cause them to reach for it with their butt which causes them to squat on their heels. So they reach back and they just touch with their butt and as soon as they touch they are back up. Alright, and those are great resistance exercises in weightlifting for beginners.


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