Daily Exercises for Kids

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Kids should exercise every day, and it's important to be creative and fun when setting up exercises for kids. Teach kids about balance, foot-eye coordination and body stability with hopscotch with help from a fitness trainer in this free video on exercises and working out.

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Video Transcript

Hi so this is what are some great daily exercises for kids? Now some people get a little bit overwhelmed when exercising kids because they think about dumbbells and barbells and all that but exercise for kids is actually pretty simple. Kids have boundless energy so you can be really creative about what you give them in terms of exercise also they are really sort of in the formal stages of when it comes to total body coordination and awareness and stuff like that so you can really kind of keep those things in mind when you are giving them things to do for exercise. One of the things that I think is really cool when talking about kids is some of the just body movements that we take for granted as adults so for example a great exercise to give a kid is just hop scotch and you see this in most school yards but the great thing about hop scotch is that you are training balance, balance, hand eye coordination, I'm sorry foot eye coordination and you are just teaching them weight bearing on one foot, one ankle, one hip. You are teaching them body stability so you are going to go here, there, there, and if you want to get creative with it you can maybe pause so you go here pause, there, pause, let them keep it for a second, come here and you see that you are really training coordination, balance and stability. Another thing that is really great for kids for upper body is kind of training them getting them going towards the direction for a pushup. For most of my clients there is always some sort of progression of exercises you want to give a person to get them prepared for the most advanced levels of exercise. This is just a crawl and most kids have been doing this all their lives since they were a baby and you just want to get here, you can do this on your knees if you have to but probably what you want to do is come here and do just that and you would be surprised how much you are working there. You are talking about core, you are talking about shoulders, chest, wrist, forearms, this is actually a great workout for adults let alone kids so you know kid's exercises that doesn't have to be really over complicated, doesn't have to be overwhelming. It can be simple. Make sure you take advantage of those kid's boundless energies and the sky is the limit for getting them to work out and that is how to exercise kids.


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