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Exercise balls, such as stability balls, can be used for abdominal exercises, and they allow for more flexion and extension. Use an exercise ball to get a more comprehensive abdominal workout with help from a fitness trainer in this free video on exercises and working out.

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Hi. Okay, so today we're talking just a little bit about exercise balls. Now what is an exercise ball? Mostly you've probably have seen this in gyms, but you just have an exactly know how to use them; I'm going to show you a little bit today about some of the advantages of using an exercise ball or stability ball versus using a flat surface. For example, if I were to get on mat, now we're going to do just a regular crunch; I'm going to use the stability balls for abdominal exercises so that's why this is a great example for you. If you're going to do regular crunch you're probably on a flat surface like this yoga mat and you would get in a position and you put your hands behind your head and you crunch up like that and you roll your spine back down on the floor. Okay, now what you see here is a good crunch which this is called the flex position for the abdominals; when you come back down, you're in an extension. However, your extension motion is a, is kind of deterred by the floor, by the flat surface. What the stability ball does is it's sort of, the circular motion curves to your spine. So it allows more flexion and further extension which kind of gives you a, a more comprehensive abdominal workout. Let me show you what I mean. So we're going to take this exercise ball; we're going to do the same thing that I just did on the mat on this ball. You can already see the benefits of the extension; okay, in my spine, of all sort to conform to it, or I should say my spine is conform to the ball. I'm in the crunch position, come up, crunch, flexion and extension; flexion and extension. Now this is just one example of what's great about exercise balls. You can use this for all kinds of things. I like to use them in my individual client sessions for warm ups because just sitting on one provides a great core warm up; of course you've got to stand, you've got to sit here still; you can bound a little bit because there's no support around you or your midsection. The stability balls are great for a lot of things; it's just among them and that's what exercise ball is.


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