Strengthening Exercises for the Neck & Back

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When looking to strengthen the neck and back, it's important to start with simple movements that can be performed on a stability ball. Do a simplified dumbbell dead lift to strengthen the neck and back with help from a fitness trainer in this free video on exercises and working out.

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Video Transcript

Hi. Okay so... right now I'm going to demonstrate for you some great strengthening exercises for the neck and back. Now, usually when I've had clients that have neck and back issues in terms of strengthening from a very weak standpoint, I start out with some pretty basic and simple movements that are kind of for lack of a better term dumbed down from more advanced movements. This first one I'm going to show you is for the back and the way that you do this is on a stability ball. You can also use a bench, but I prefer a stability ball because of the extra challenges that it includes. This is sort of a spin on a dead lift. But I've taken out the stress on the knees and the lower body joints by sitting the client down. Okay? We've got the weight here. And the same rules apply. You want to make sure that you keep that lower back firm and tight. Keep that core taut, reach down for that dumb bell and you're just going to come up here just like that. You're going to extend that back back like that, and I always have the client kind of put their hand on their lower back so they can feel what's going on. Okay there... you want to keep your gaze at the horizon. You don't want your neck slouched like this. And it's really just a simplified dumb bell dead lift. This is great for clients that your working with who have physical therapist and are going through rehab. Okay for neck strengthening, anyone can do this. In fact, I do this a lot at home. All you need resistance wise is your own hand. Place one hand on the side of your head, push it this way and resist this way. Okay, push, resist... and it's really just like a static stretch. Hold for ten or fifteen seconds. Switch. And do it the same way going back. Okay, and both of those exercises are great for strengthening the neck and back.


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