How to Get a Tick Off a Dog

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Getting a tick off of a dog in a non-intrusive way is done by pouring a bit of alcohol over the tick, dabbing on some warm soapy water and letting the tick pull itself out. Remove a tick without harming the dog with information from a professional certified dog trainer in this free video on dog care.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg, in Miami, Florida, with Miami Dog Training. In this clip, we're going to talk about how to get a tick off of a dog, and there's a lot of different, there's different techniques, and different ways, but one of the less intrusive ways is, because ticks bury their head under the skin, and kind of, their head expands while they're under there, it's hard to just pull them out. Now, some people use tweezers, and I'm just going to show you another technique, and that is with some alcohol, some soap, and a cotton ball, or some Qtips, and basically what you want to do, is apply the alcohol to the area first, then you're going to use warm, soapy water, and you're going to dab right where the tick is, with the warm, soapy water, at which point, they begin to extract themselves from the dog, so you don't actually have to pull out, pull the ticks head out, because the danger is leaving the head inside, or under the skin, and causing infection, so that's a really non-invasive way of doing it, so again, I'm just going to dab the alcohol on the area of the dog, right where the tick is. I'm going to dab it on there, and then I'm going to take the warm, soapy water, and soak that tick with the warm, soapy water, just right in the area, so you don't have to get the whole dog, at which point, he should start to remove his head from the dog. Once again, this is Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg, with Miami Dog Training.


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