Hypostatic Pneumonia Symptoms

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Hypostatic pneumonia can come from viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites, and it is often seen in patients who are bedridden in improperly ventilated areas. Learn about how hypostatic pneumonia can cause chills, cough and an increased respiratory rate with help from a nurse and respiratory care practitioner in this free video on hypostatic pneumonia symptoms.

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Video Transcript

Hypostatic pneumonia symptoms. Pneumonia is a lung infection. Hypo means decreased or decreased amount of air within that area of the lung and the secretions or the airway there is not being ventilated properly to be able to exchange the oxygen and the carbon dioxide and therefore you have a static amount of just dead looking area in there. And so with that it can come from viruses or bacteria or fungi or parasites. It's usually seen when a person has been perhaps in the bed, so you see it in bedridden patients a lot. You normally see this also in patients in the hospital or nursing homes who have not been turned frequently and that area becomes less ventilated and that's where it's nice and warm and dark in those areas and so the viruses or the bacteria or the fungi or the parasites, whatever the reason is, will lie in that area, it can grow in that moist and dark area. The patient will normally present with fever and chills and cough an increased respiratory rate, will also have decreased breath sounds in that area. That's normally how it's picked up with decreased breath sounds initially. They might even have chest pain and abdominal pain could also accompany that. They're going to have a decreased appetite and they could be cyanotic, the blueness of the skin around the lips and the fingernail beds if it's bad enough. So hypostatic pneumonia is a lung infection that is decreased air in those areas that need to be ventilated more properly.


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