Early Parkinson's Disease Symptoms

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Early symptoms of Parkinson's disease include a tremor in the hands, stiff movements and faces that appear to be expressionless. Find out how Parkinson's disease can change a person's speech, balance and gait with help from a nurse and respiratory care practitioner in this free video on Parkinson's disease symptoms.

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Video Transcript

Early Parkinson's disease, these are the symptoms that you might see with early Parkinson's disease, it would be a tremor in one of the hands. There will be movements, their movements will be slow and it looks like that it's purposeful that they're having to move, it's a stiff type moving slowly when they're walking. Their arms don't swing when they walk. Their face may appear to be expressionless, the posture on a person who has early Parkinson's disease, their balance may be off somewhat. Their gait is different when they're walking and their movements are not automatic. Their speech changes. They may have hesitation in their speech, slurred or they repeat themselves. Normally you'll see later on with Parkinson's, you may see some dementia and so they come on such a subtle way that most people would kind of shake it off and say well, perhaps it's something else or we'll just wait a little while longer and see how it is. But when you start seeing in early Parkinson's, that some of these things are occurring, you should go ahead and call or have someone call the medical doctor to see what's going on.


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