Cleaning Aluminum Rims

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The first step in cleaning aluminum rims is to give them a basic wash with soap and water, and this should be followed by a metal polish that can be found at any automotive store. Get aluminum rims to look shiny and great with help from a professional car detailing specialist in this free video on auto detailing and cleaning.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Nick Charette and we are down at Concord Auto Spa and I am going to show you how to clean aluminum rims. Basically what you first want to do and what we have already done is just give it a basic wash with soap and water. You want to rinse the rim first but you don't really want to use chemicals on it especially if you are not a professional because some aluminum rims will be harmed by a harsh chemical say a wheel acid or whatever you may have. Some don't have the clear coat and some the clear coat has gone away and you don't really know so you want to rinse it first and then you take your mitt with soap and water preferably a different mitt from what you are going to use on your actual vehicle and you just would run over the rim, the entire rim, getting every nook and cranny as good as you can then rinse it, you dry it and then you move on to a metal polish. This particular one you can pick up at any automotive store. It will help clean it a little bit and also polish it and make it look real good. First you want to shake it up and make sure it is all nice and uniform. We have already shook this one before so I don't have to do it too much. You put it on the cloth. You don't really have to use too much. A little goes a long way. Once you have got some on your cloth, work it in your cloth a little bit and you really want to take area by area so you don't miss anything and you just go over in fast motions making sure you get everything and you'll start to see a black residue on the cloth and on the wheel and that means that it is cleaning and it is polishing it and once most of it is gone and you can see that nothing is really changing you are going to want to take and see the black right there. You are going to want to take the other side of the cloth and just wipe it away. You can also take a microfiber towel or whatever you may have and it will help really shine it up. You can probably see the difference from here between here and here it's really shiny. We didn't even really do it that long so imagine if you had put a little more effort into it, did it a little longer and you can pretty much make all your wheels look great, polish them, clean them pretty much all in one step and that is really how you just polish and clean your aluminum rims.


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