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When a woman is pregnant, it is recommended that they have an extra 100 calories in the first trimester and an extra 200 or 300 calories for the last two trimesters. Discover why a pregnancy diet should include prenatal vitamins and what foods should be avoided with help from a labor and delivery nurse in this free video on pregnancy diets.

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My name is Josie Minks and I'm a labor and delivery nurse in Austin, Texas and I am going to talk to you about the pregnancy diet checklist. So it is recommended to have an extra one hundred calories in the first trimester, and an extra two hundred, actually three hundred calories for the second and third trimesters. And so included in your diet che..checklist, you need to have a prenatal vitamin, recommend a food based one which you can get at like a health food store, and then a folate, which is folic acid and you want zero point four milligrams a day and then you want an iron supplement of thirty milligrams per day, and you can supplement, it could be vitamins or you could use food, some, some foods rich in folic acid or iron. And then we have, for you coffee drinkers, you can have one to two cups of coffee a day. And then some foods to avoid during pregnancy are raw meat, including sushi, and deli meats including hot dogs, and if you are going to have your deli meat, then you want it to, you want to heat it up until it's steaming. You want to avoid refrigerated seafood, smoked seafood like salmon. Avoid raw eggs, avoid unpasteurized milk and juices and avoid fish high in Mercury which can be shark, mackerel, tile fish...avoid soft cheeses which can be goat cheese, feta, Camembert and then avoid liver, and of course, alcohol and these are the things in a diet, your pregnancy diet checklist.


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