How to Carry Passengers on a Motorcycle

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When carrying motorcycle passengers, it's important that the passengers know that they shouldn't be leaning or turning the bike in any way. Find out how different motorcycles are equipped to carry passengers with help from an experienced motorcyclist and motorcycle repairman in this free video on motorcycle safety.

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Video Transcript

The next thing we are going to talk about is riding passengers. There are several different kinds of bikes. There is the touring bikes like we have here we are going to show you in just a minute and then we have as I have been demonstrating this custom chopper over here which is not equipped with a passenger seat which would be applied back here with suction cups. This here is just a solo seat and it is just equipped for one rider. Over here is a different motorcycle and this is equipped with not only a driver's seat here which is very comfortable, it is very cushiony but it has also got a passenger's seat for the back here. We have also a back rest here for them and a bar here in back of the driver's seat so that if the passenger wanted to hold on to that instead of wrapping their arms around the driver they could do so. There is also foot pegs for the passenger and this allows the passenger the most amount of comfort on here. The main thing I'd like to tell any passenger that possibly would be riding with somebody else when you get on the motorcycle you want to just sit there. You don't want to lean or try to turn the bike in any way shape or form because that will throw the balance of the motorcycle off including the driver. He is not going to know what's going on so the best thing to do is basically just sit there, let the driver do the maneuvering and balancing and you should enjoy your ride there and be sure also as a passenger that when you do get on the back with somebody that you know them, you trust them and that you'll be comfortable with them wherever you decide to go.


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