How to Brake Properly on a Motorcycle

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Proper braking on a motorcycle means understanding how to use the front brake, which is located on the right side, and the rear brake, which is operated by a foot pedal. Learn about using the front and rear brakes correctly with help from an experienced motorcyclist and motorcycle repairman in this free video on motorcycle safety.

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Video Transcript

Now we are going to talk about some braking issues here, how to brake properly on a motorcycle. We have got two brakes. We have got a front brake and a rear brake. Your front brake is always located up here on the right hand side and it is a hand brake and that will supply braking power to your front wheel. Some motorcycles have single disc, some have dual disc which means there is actually two calipers, two discs upfront that enables you to stop the bike a lot better or more efficiently than bikes that have only a single disc, a single rotor up front but this is your front one here. You have a rear brake here which is operated by a foot pedal down here and naturally by depressing it it will send brake fluid over here back to your rear tire here and that will enable the braking for the rear. When we are going down the road though we really want to make sure like we are coming up to a light, we are getting ready to stop that we really want to use most of our stopping power with our front brake and then just kind of ease it with our rear brake and help the stopping power to stop the bike here. The front brake will stop you a whole lot quicker than the rear brake will, especially like I mentioned before with your dual disc you never want to hit your rear brake real hard at first even if you have an emergency stop to take care of because your rear brake will lock up and you will skid your tire and if you hit any oil or moisture on the street that will send you into a slide and more than likely you'll go down so that may be a little helpful for you.


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