How to Handle & Avoid Wobbling on a Motorcycle

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In order to avoid wobbling on a motorcycle, it's important to be aware of road conditions, pot holes and ice on the roads. Find out how extended wheel bases and improper techniques may lead to wobbling with help from an experienced motorcyclist and motorcycle repairman in this free video on motorcycle safety.

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Next thing we're going to talk about is wobbling. How to handle, possibly avoid any wobbling that you may have on a motorcycle. There's probably only two instances that I can think of here. First one is pot holes, different imperfections in the road. We need to be very aware of the road conditions. Dips in the road, how the road is settled, the holes, etc. We're going to find a lot more pot holes and the road disintegrating up north because of the ice and the snow and the salt that they put down on the roads. Really, the main thing to do is to have both hands on the handlebars. It's probably not a good idea to be doing tricks or, you know, having one hand on the throttle and the other hand just out there doing something else. Really, safety is the first thing that we really should be aware of. The second thing I may want to touch on with a bike like this. The wheel base is extra long, the rake is more severe than on a standard Harley Davidson or Yamaha, some type of bike like that, and with wobbling, sometimes at certain speeds, if you may hit something in the road. Possibly an imperfection or a hole, the front end may start wobbling a little bit just because of the extended wheel base and the extended rake on it. The smaller bikes, I would say don't have that possibility, that capability, like these larger bikes do. I've owned several motorcycles, Japanese, American, and it seems like the Japanese motorcycles they do tend to handle a lot better in different situations. In all, they're made to go at higher speeds and the handling on them, the suspension has to be tuned very fine for that. But that's just a few tips.


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